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About Us

Life Enhancement specializes in providing psychotherapy, coaching and essentials designed to support your emotional health.  Ours is a private practice in Hanover, MA.

We are pleased to introduce you to our team:


LeShelle Woodard, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Woodard has more than two decades of experience working with individuals, couples and families. She is skilled in providing many forms of counseling and coaching services that help with improving relationships, resolving conflict, recognition and effective use of one's strengths.  Additionally, with her coaching and psychotherapy clients, she uses behavioral and body based interventions to tame anxiety, build confidence and inner strengths.  Dr. Woodard is known for her warmth, active engagement and giving direct feedback aimed at fostering growth.

Education: PhD, University of MA Boston; MA, University of MA Boston
Professional Affiliations:  Member of the American Psychological Association; Associate Lecturer, Dept. of Psychology, University of MA Boston

Lisa Taleas, MA

Ms. Taleas specializes in holistic care.  She uses a combination of traditional cognitive and behavioral therapies along with non-traditional techniques such as yoga and mindfulness meditation to foster growth.  Mounting neurological and psychological evidence demonstrate the effectiveness of such non-traditional treatment as effective in improving psychological and physical health.  Resolution of anxiety, depression, and obsessive thinking patterns are some of the primary outcomes for Ms. Taleas' psychotherapy clients.  Additionally, her psychotherapy and coaching clients gain improved sense of presence, self-awareness and effective interpersonal functioning.  Ms. Taleas works with adolescents and adults.  
Education:  University of New Hampshire
Yelena Zelikman, MA
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Ms. Zelikman has more than a decade of experience and is one of few analytic practitioners on the South Shore. Psychoanalysis, the original form of talk therapy, is a process of careful and thorough self-exploration. Ms. Zelikman assists clients with identifying the root sources of their difficulties and fosters growth through developing self-awareness and resolution of internally driven thoughts, motivations and behaviors so that her clients may reach their full potential.   Ms. Zelikman is well skilled in treating children, adolescents and adults. 

Education:  Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis

Mia Gardner, MA

Ms. Gardner specializes in family interventions with an emphasis on children, adolescents, and family centered concerns.  Ms. Gardner has worked with various school systems to provide families with the support needed to help students of all ages (preschool through college) thrive.  When working with clients Ms. Gardner emphasizes building of coping skills, thinking and reasoning skills, effective communication and building of a positive sense of self.  Ms. Gardner works children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. 

Education:  Boston University School of Social Work

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