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To our loyal first customers, thanks for giving us a chance!

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Your Emotional Health Poured into Tiny Bottles

LE Essentials includes our four signature, 100% pure essential oil blends: ML Smile to uplift your mood, Exhale to replace tension with serenity, Letting Go for  restful sleep and Take Control to keep you focused and grounded when life becomes challenging.  


LE Essentials Full or Half Set

LE Essentials Full Set $22.50 plus $4.00 S&H 

Package includes each of our four signature blends in 2ml glass and stainless steel roller bottles.  Plus we have a bonus gift for you!  




LE Essentials Half Set $12.95 plus $ 4.00 S&H

The half set includes our Take Control blend and another oil of your choice:

 TAKE CONTROL blend and: 
Assisted by (optional):


A Gift for You

Our gift to you with the purchase of the full or half set of LE Essentials is a Take Control Inhaler.  This powerful inhaler is designed to be portable.  Put it in your purse or pocket and take it out and inhale deeply whenever life becomes challenging and you need to stay focused and grounded. 


Ultimate You Self-Care Bundle

The Ultimate You bundle includes a one month supply of LE Essentials and an array of specialty self-care products.  Each product is designed and hand crafted by the Life Enhancement Team with your self-care in mind.   


Contents of the Ultimate You Bundle: 

  • LE Essentials full set (four 2ml roll on bottles of essential oils)
  • Take Control Pocket Inhaler



  • 2 Small LE Essentials diffusers with reeds (1 oz ea with 10 reeds)
  • Ocean Weather diffuser oil blend (100% natural fragrance oil in a healthy VOC free base, 1 oz)

  • Winter Relief 100% natural menthol shower fizzies (two large fizzies and a matching assortment of smaller fizzies, 5oz total wt, enough for 2 -3 showers)
  • Wonderful Day all natural invigorating citrus scented shower fizzies (two large fizzies and a matching assortment of smaller fizzies (10oz total wt, enough for 2-3 showers)


  • Winter Splendor 100% natural herbal bath tea featuring Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Fennel, Juniper Berries and Peppermint.  Includes 6 prefilled tea bags, enough for 2 -3 baths. 
  • Winter Splendor Detox bath salts blend.  Use alone or combine with your bath tea for a healthy spa experience at home.  Features the finest organic compliant 100% pure Dead Sea salt we could find.  Further enhanced with Epson salts, and our proprietary blend of essential oils featuring a touch of peppermint and eucalyptus. Seven ounces in a cute bottle made for easy pouring into optional fillable tea bags.

  • A Walk in Paris all natural relaxing lavender bath tea featuring lovely aromatic lavender buds with a touch of rosemary to balance the scent.  This is so much better than the chemically formulated false lavender scent found in many commercial products!  Features 6 prefilled tea bags, enough for 2 - 3 baths.  
  • Lavender Dreams bath salts.  Features extra course grain, naturally detoxifying pure Himalayan salt enhanced by a combination of a blend of 100% pure lavender essential oils and Epson salts.  The result is a uniquely special relaxing, therapeutic bath experience.  Features a cute 7oz bottle made for easy pouring into fillable optional tea bags.


LE Essentials Ultimate You Bundle $34.50 plus $4.00 S & H 





Subscription Services with Live Teaching from a Life Enhancement Team Member

Self-Care requires commitment, consistency and knowledge.  That's why we created our subscription plans.  These plans offer outstanding value.  In addition to a regular supply of LE Essentials, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn directly from one of our licensed and fully credentialed team members.  


Teaching from a Life Enhancement Expert (Included with any subscription service.)

The Life Enhancement team consists of four licensed practicing clinicians who possess decades of experience with helping people become their best.  We are excited to connect with you through our monthly online seminar.  Each seminar will be recorded for those you who are unable to attend.



Example Teaching Topics: 

  • Mastering the Brains Stress Response System
  • How and Why Mindfulness works
  • Body Work for Grounding and Empowerment
  • Getting a good night's sleep
  • All about essential oils
  • Getting the most out of your LE Essentials 
  • Q & A about Self-Care and Emotional Health

This is an outstanding value of $175.00 (based on agency standard hourly fees for individual or family consultation).  We are offering this service for a limited time as part of our subscription services, so take advantage now! 


The Ultimate You Subscription Bundle

The Ultimate You monthly subscription bundle includes our wonderful LE Essentials an array of specialty products that equal or exceed the value of the products included in the stand alone Ultimate You bundle.  The best part of this service is that you ensure that you have an ongoing supply of wonderful comforting products designed to support your emotional health.  


Contents of the Ultimate You Subscription Bundle:

  • 1 LE Essentials full set
  • Savings via reduced pricing for LE Essentials
  • 1 Take Control pocket inhaler with a 1 ml refill
  • Specialty self-care products that are hand crafted and selected by the Life Enhancement Team.  Content varies each month (equals or exceeds the value of the products found in the stand alone Ultimate You) 
  • Access to monthly one hour live interactive online seminar taught by a member of the Life Enhancement Team. 
  • Sneak previews of new and exciting Life Enhancement products

Ultimate You Subscription Bundle $30.00 plus $4.00 S & H.  No long-term commitment is required, you may cancel anytime. 

 Sleek Inhaler Color (with 3rd delivery): 



LE Essentials Subscription Service

Never run out of your Life Enhancement Essentials 100% pure essential oils blends.  With this package you will also receive exciting additions to your self-care tool box.  No obligation, subscriptions may be canceled anytime. 

 Contents of the LE Essentials Subscription Service:

  • LE Essentials Full Set shipped monthly
  • Savings via reduced pricing for LE Essentials
  • Take Control pocket inhaler
  • Access to our monthly one hour live interactive online seminar taught by a member of the Life Enhancement Team. 
  • Sneak previews of additional Life Enhancement Products

LE Essentials Subscription $ 18.50 plus $4.00 S & H.  No long-term commitment is required, you may cancel anytime. 

 Inhaler Color Choice (with 3rd Delivery): 



Take Control Subscription Service

Have you fallen in love with the Take Control inhaler?  You're not alone as we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, peers and friends regarding this inhaler's instant impact on stress!   Many have noted "this actually smells good, not like the horrible one I bought at 'X" (a popular holistic franchise).  Try our other products as we are certain you will fall in love with them too (ML Smile is an excellent starting point).  Meanwhile, if you want to make sure that you will always have a fresh Take Control inhaler at hand, subscribe here:  



Contents of the Take Control Subscription Service:

  • 1 prefilled and NEWLY DESIGNED Take Control pocket inhaler shipped monthly
  • Savings via reduced pricing 

Take Control Inhaler Subscription $10.50  plus $4.00 S & H.  No long-term commitment is required, you may cancel anytime.  Does NOT include access to our online seminars (contact us if you are interested).  

SOLD OUT:  New shipment arriving Mid-January.  You may place your order now for shipment by 1/15/18. 

 Inhaler Color Choice: 




You will gain a much better value for you money (especially with shipping and handling) by purchasing mulit-item products.  However, if you have run out of your favorite LE Essential or for other reasons, you want just one item, we have you covered.  Purchase your single products here: 



LE Essentials singles  $6.00 each plus $4.00 S&H 

Essentials Singles



Take Control Inhaler prefilled and NEWLY PACKAGED $12.00 plus 4.00 S&H

 SOLD OUT:  New shipment arriving Mid-January.  You may place your order now for shipment by 1/15/18.

Inhaler Color Choice: 


Welcome to the Life Enhancement family!

Please visit other pages on this site to learn more about use and our full line of services.  Feel free to contact us with feedback and questions about LE Essentials or any of our services.  

Safety and the FDA Status of Essential Oils

Prior to use, consumers are advised to: 1) Consult your medical provider(s).  2) Perform a patch test for possible allergic reactions.  3) Seek an appropriate mental health provider if you suspect a need for support.  LE Essentials are not a substitute for any medications or proper behavioral health care.  4) Do not use LE Essentials without physician permission if you are pregnant or nursing.   5) Do not administer LE Essentials to children or other physically vulnerable populations. 

Essential oils are a natural plant oils that have not been evaluated by the FDA for their effectiveness in treating emotional or physical illnesses.  LE Essentials are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any mental or physical health conditions.

About US

LE Essentials is a branch of Life Enhancement Psychotherapy, LLC, which was founded in 2007 by clinical psychologist, Dr. LeShelle Woodard, Ph.D.  These  oils were developed by our team of clinicians based our observations of needs and therapeutic practices that have proven helpful to our clients and indeed, to ourselves as well.  As you use these oils you join our community of individuals seeking to be our best selves.  We welcome you warmly and enthusiastically!

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