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Life Enhancement specializes in providing psychotherapy, coaching and essentials designed to support your emotional health.  Ours is a private practice in Hanover, MA.

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LeShelle Woodard, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Woodard has more than two decades of experience working with individuals, couples and families. She is skilled in providing many forms of counseling and coaching services that help with improving relationships, resolving conflict, recognition and effective use of one's strengths.  Additionally, with her coaching and psychotherapy clients, she uses behavioral and body based interventions to tame anxiety, panic, depression and fears that prevent growth.  Dr. Woodard is also especially skilled in assisting clients with resolving the persisting impact of past and present stressors, building self-knowledge, confidence and inner strengths.  Dr. Woodard is known for her presence, her ability to connect with clients and her genuine and active engagement.  Dr. Woodard is also quite pragmatic and unlike many therapists, shes is open, when appropriate, to providing direct feedback to clients which is aimed at fostering self-knowledge, effective management of people, difficult relationships and challenging situations.  Clients report that working with Dr. Woodard improves one's ability to manage various stressors, resolve anxiety,  panic, depression and other difficulties.  Dr.  Woodard LEP's owner and the agency's lead clinician.  Learn more about Dr. Woodard via Boston Voyager's Spotlight article.  

Education: PhD, University of MA Boston; MA, University of MA Boston
Professional Affiliations:  Member of the American Psychological Association; Associate Lecturer, Dept. of Psychology, University of MA Boston


Yelena Zelikman, MA
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
Ms. Zelikman has more than a decade of experience and is one of a few analytic therapists on the South Shore. Psychoanalysis, is a process of careful and thorough self-exploration.  However, Ms. Zelikman's approach is unique.  In addition to adding CBT and behavioral therapies into her work, she is especially skilled with balancing "common sense" interventions while fostering deep, personal and life enhancing growth.  Her process:  Firstly, Ms. Zelikman assists her clients in effectively addressing the difficulties that bring them to LEP.  Simultaneously she identifies underlying conscious and unconscious barriers to growth.  The result is that clients have an opportunity to learn about themselves in a deep, introspective manner.  Experience suggests that combination works especially well.  Ms. Zelikman has a large following of loyal clients that engage in introspective work or return to her as their life circumstances change and new challenges emerge.  Ms. Zelikman is well skilled in treating children, adolescents, adults and couples. 

Education:  Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis




Mia Gardner, MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ms. Gardner specializes in family interventions with an emphasis on children, adolescents, and family centered concerns.  Ms. Gardner has worked with various school systems to provide families with the support needed to help students of all ages (preschool through college) thrive.  She especially integrates cognitive behavioral (CBT) techniques into her work.  This approach assists clients with learning about the powerful interactions between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Additionally, Ms. Gardner emphasizes building of coping skills, thinking and reasoning skills, effective communication and building of a positive sense of self.  Ms. Gardner also provides coaching to individuals and parents.  As a behavioral coach, she is especially effective with supporting the tween to young adults populations with navigating major life transitions such as transitioning from high school to college, college to work and early career navigation.  Ms. Gardner works  with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.  Learn more about Ms. Gardner:  Team Spotlight.

Education:  Boston University School of Social Work



Rachel Mondrick, MSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker 

Ms. Mondrick specializes in life stage resilience. With a warm and gentle, yet direct approach, she assists her clients with focusing on inner strengths while letting go of the impacts of past and present stress. In addition to well known cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Ms. Mondrick possesses a broad array of specialized clinical skills.  Her favored therapies include internal family systems, narrative therapy, and somatic (body-based) psychotherapy.  She is also knowledgeable regarding the interaction between nutrition, the body and the mind.  Clients describe Ms. Mondrick's approach as effective in addressing the concerns that lead them to our team at LEP.  Ms. Mondrick is also well skilled with fostering personal growth, improving self-awareness, as well as assisting with feeling more grounded and confident.  Clients also enjoy Ms. Mondrick's energetic presence.  Her goal is to help you resolve the difficulties or needs that bring you to LEP while aligning your body and mind so you can live your most fulfilling life.  As our life span development specialist, Ms. Mondrick works with individuals of all ages as well as couples. 

Education:  Simmons College Graduate School of Social Work



Christine Aufiero, MA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

In addition to traditional talk therapy, Ms. Aufiero's goal is to assist you in gaining deeper sense of meaningfulness, clarity, and healing through the use of creative arts.  She incorporates drawing, painting, journaling  and other resources into the therapy process.  Clients report that creative arts psychotherapy feels like a safe, gentle approach that assists with resolving anxiety, depression, fears and the impact stressful situations such as major life transitions, anxiety and depression.  Clients also report that creative arts therapy is quite helpful with moving past barriers and gaining new insights about themselves and the manner in which they navigate life.  Don't worry, you do not need to be an artist or even artistically inclined to work with Ms. Aufiero.  Art work serves to assist you with learning bout yourself.  Emphasis is placed on you and your process of self exploration and growth.  Clients describe Ms. Aufiero as welcoming/open, focused, gentle and effective. Ms. Aufiero works individually with children, adolescents and adults.

Education: Lesley University



Kathleen Gibbs, M.Ed.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Ms. Gibbs is our family systems expert.  Unlike many clinicians who work with families, Ms. Gibbs professional training is focused specifically on the family unit.  Ms. Gibbs excels with assisting couples and families in recognizing and changing challenging dynamics with the goal of resolving conflict and creating an enhanced sense of love and belonging.  Additionally, Ms. Gibbs works with women individually with a focus on empowerment within the present family system or to assist with overcoming persisting family of origin related difficulties. 

Education: University of MA Boston



Julie Grant, MSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker  

Ms. Grant is a resiliency counselor.  Individuals seek Ms. Grant’s assistance with navigating challenging or unexpected events, situations and life transitions.  People who desire assistance with overcoming the impact of past or present relationship conflicts, environmental stressors and other forms of adversity also benefit from Ms. Grant’s expertise.  Cognitive behavioral therapies, including  DBT, are Ms. Grant’s treatments of choice.  Ms. Grant works with adolescents and adults. Her availability is limited to afternoons and early evening. 

Education:  Bridgewater State University


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