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Life Enhancement Psychotherapy, LLC was founded in 2007 by clinical psychologist, LeShelle Woodard, PhD.  The agency is centrally located between Boston and Cape Cod in the town of Hanover, Massachusetts.  Our clientele includes adults, children and families that are looking to feel peaceful, empowered and in control of their lives. As the agency celebrated its 10th anniversary during 2017, it expanded to create a  family of products that meet the team's goal of helping others to live exponentially happy, fulfilled lives.   


Two key variables differentiate Life Enhancement from other psychotherapy practices.  We favor a dynamic, interactive exchange between client and therapist.  Unlike traditional psychotherapy practices, our work incorporates an array of complementary treatments such as somatic (body-centered) interventions, cutting edge mindfulness techniques, as well as techniques drawn from traditional and non-western behavioral health practices.  Additionally, our unique team approach sets us apart.  Each Life Enhancement clinician must possess one or more unique talents, skills or life experiences that are incorporated into psychotherapy and team collaboration.  In fact, such collaboration is central to our work in that each of our clinicians is held responsible for being aware of a combination of her own clients as well as a select subset of clients that are seeing other clinicians.  In this manner our clients benefit from the combined wisdom of our team.


LE Coach is a logical addition to our services given our emphasis on dynamic, interactive growth.  Coaching is a peer based collaboration between the client and coach with elements of structure, accountability, self-reflection and growth as the client strives to reach one or more targeted goals.


Life Enhancement Essentials or LE Essentials both integrate and complement our other lines of business.  Consisting of four synergies, LE Essentials are designed to assist other with uplifting mood, feeling grounded and empowered, conquering anxiety and promoting a good night's rest.  When combined with specially designed wellness techniques, LE Essentials are powerful self-care tools. 

Meet Our Team:




LeShelle Woodard, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Lead Clinician, CEO, Founder


Specialties/Areas of Clinical Emphasis: 

Attachment and Relationships, Somatic interventions, Interpersonal Attunement (Polyvagal Theory), Complimentary Interventions


Interview Topics:

Using Your Body to Tame Negative Emotions

Using Your Body to Feel Empowered

Overcoming Stress/Traumatic Stress Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (Fight or Flight)

Interpersonal Attunement and Why it’s Important

Are You Leading Your Life or is Your Life Leading You?

Why Couples Fight and How to Break the Pattern

Personality Types and Behaviors

Achievement Coaching

LE Essentials (Custom blends of organic essential oils to uplift mood, tame anxiety, and support restful sleep)



Dr. Woodard is available to the press, colleague/peers and other professionals for commentary, interviews, consultation and collaborative efforts.  Additionally, Dr. Woodard is a highly skilled writer who can provide content for written works that requires little to no editing.  

Phone:  617-552-5124

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Fax: 888-317-2641 


About LeShelle 

Born and grew up in:

Denver, CO 


Undergraduate degree:

BA, Psychology, Magna cum Laude in Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder


Graduate Degrees:

MA and PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of MA Boston.    


Professional Affiliations: 

Member, American Psychological Association

University of MA Boston, Adjunct Faculty (Select list of courses taught:  Abnormal Psychology, Personality, Psychological Trauma, Group Dynamics, Social Psychology, Drugs and Behavior, Intervention Strategies)


Why Clinical Psychology?

My interest and approach to clinical work was initially drawn from personal experiences with loss that began when I was a teen.  I navigated my way into adulthood with limited support.  Personally and professionally, the individuals who proved most helpful were those who simultaneously respected by autonomy while providing interactive, specific guidance.  Given my experiences it is not surprising that my evolution as a clinician has lead me to the type of practice I have today. All of the Life Enhancement lines of business, in a nutshell, center on respecting the autonomy of clients while providing engaged, interactive and growth-oriented guidance.


Fun Facts

Three favorite essential oils: 

ML Smile (a LE Essentials blend featuring bergamot and orange essential oils) 


Most recently read or favorite books:

The Science of Integrative Health, The Body Keeps the Score, The Death of Expertise, The Year of Yes, The Bleeding Season, David: A Man of Passion and Destiny, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Sophie’s Choice, The End of the Affair, The House of Mirth, The Woman in White (Collins), The Places that Scare You, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, The Glass Castle, E-Myth Revisited.


Zodiac sign



Favorite Disney characters: 

Cinderella, Ursula, Tianna


Featured In:




Rachel Mondrick, MSW, LICSW 


Rachel is new to our team as of March, 2019.  Please visit this page in a week or so for a full profile. 


Specialties/Areas of Emphasis:  

Internal Family Systems, Nutrition and Psychological Wellness


Interview Topics:



Ms. Mondrick is available to the press, colleague/peers and other professionals for commentary, interviews, consultation and collaborative efforts.    

Phone:  617-552-5124

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 888-317-2641 


The Basics

Born and grew up in: 


Undergraduate degree:

BA, Psychology and Sociology, State University of New York


Graduate Degree:

MSW, Social Work, 

Post Graduate Study:  Nutrition and Integrative Medicine and Mental Health

Mia Gardner, MA, LCSW



Specialties/Areas of Emphasis

Children, Adolescents and Families, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Healthy Communication


Interview Topics: 

The Relationship between Thoughts-Emotions-Behaviors

How to Communicate with Your Teen

Cultivating the Best Version of You

Overcoming Life’s Challenges (focus is children, adolescents, young adults)

Social Media and American Youth

Parent, Youth and Young Adult Coaching



Ms. Gardner is available to the press, colleague/peers and other professionals for commentary, interviews, consultation and collaborative efforts.  

Phone:  617-552-5124

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 888-317-2641 


The Basics:

Born and grew up in:   

Born in Livingston, NJ; raised in Essex Falls, NJ


Undergraduate degree:

BA, Psychology, Sacred Heart University


Graduate Degree:

MA, Social Work, Family Therapy Certified, Boston University


Why Social Work?

I chose social work because I knew I wanted to access the counseling side of the work. I wanted to work directly with children and their families to give them tools, resources, and means to live the lives they desire. I knew I could access this work by furthering my education in social work after falling in love with the work during my undergraduate education while working with teens in inner city schools, parents, and young children.

Fun Facts:

Three favorite essential oils: 

Lavender, Lemon Grass, Tea Tree


Most recently read or favorite books (list at least two): 

The Universe Has Your Back, Big Magic


Zodiac sign: 



Favorite Disney character:  

Princess Jasmine


Publications and Featured In:





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